About Us

"It was in May 2020, right when the pandemic was keeping us all at home, that we started making our first loaves at home, in Bend, OR. We started delivering them around the neighborhood, to friends and neighbors, happy to receive such a warm gift in this sad period of recent history. We became popular. Everyone was loving it, and asking for more! Soon we decided to grab the last spot available at the farmers market and our first summer season was a real success. Marie is from France. She lived around the world before landing in Bend, OR and deciding to start making bread. In reality, what we make is NOT bread. It’s mostly made of seeds. Our Sprouted bread, of sprouted seeds. We use high quality gluten free rolled oats, some local honey and high quality olive oil. We pay attention to the source and quality of our ingredients: We stay organic. And we seek the true experience of the most delicious slice of NOT bread ever created. This is not only an incredible culinary experience. It’s a new way of life! We are so happy to be able to offer a real alternative to our dear customers."

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