• Rachel

    “I bought a loaf on a whim at the Farmer's Market last week...and made a special trip back just for another loaf this week! Calling Ogia 'bread' isn't fair to all the other breads out there, this is so good! A new weekly staple for sure. Thank you for creating food I love and trust.”

  • “This bread is INCREDIBLE. My favorite thing to have for breakfast, or a quick snack between meetings or workouts. It's filling without feeling the way I sometimes do if I eat too many carbs. Highly recommend the sprouted loaves + the chocolate, both excellent in the toaster!”

  • ♡ Kelcey Lassen

    “OGIA bread is the best gluten free bread I've EVER tried. After spending five years scouting the market for a trustworthy, organic and nutritious bread supplier, I felt defeated... until I tried OGIA Bread.
    It's filling and provides sustainable energy throughout my day. I only need one or two pieces to feel full, unlike other breads that contain empty calories and leave me needing something more.
    It can also be prepared in so many different ways depending on my mood: with ghee and a drizzle of honey, as a side for dinner, or as the base to a breakfast sandwich! You can't go wrong.
    When gifting to friends or family, this bread is my go to because of its sleek packaging and surprisingly high nutritional value.
    I only hope that they continue making this bread forever and ever so that we may enjoy it for a lifetime.”

  • Mike 

    “OGIA Bread is delicious, nutritious and very satisfying. It is definitely my favorite bread for nut butter and jam and makes a great snack for any of my outdoor adventures.” 

  • Christine

    “OGIA bread has completely replaced store bought snack bars for me, as well as becoming a daily staple with breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Thank you, Marie, for the fantastic, locally made product”. 

  • Julie

    We just moved here and I've been getting it at the Farmer's Market. I have ulcerative Colitis and don't eat grains except oats (which have been shown to be super healthy for folks with IBD). So yay! I get to eat "bread"! 

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